Our story began on January 21, 1945 when people interested in forming a Cumberland Presbyterian church in Houston met for the first time. That year 25 people were received as members. Within a few years, a modest 20’ by 40’ building was constructed for worship at the corner of Peckham Street and Avalon Place. We continue to worship at this location to this day.

A primary reason for remaining at this location all these years is that we feel very strongly about developing relationships with and providing ministry for the community in which we live. In 2001, the church was completely remodeled with community outreach in mind. We now have a hospitality suite so that we can host out of town guests staying in Houston while loved ones receive treatment in the medical center. In addition, a state of the art sound system and outstanding acoustics in the redesigned sanctuary make the location a favorite performance venue for local musicians. A recently remodeled playground is open daily for the neighborhood children as well as our own.

Throughout the years, we have managed to maintain our roots by reaching out and building relationships. It is not uncommon for members raised in our church to return to their church home with their own families when they’ve grown. And yet, new faces are always made to feel welcome.