In order to be formed into a Christian community, we believe that the members should gather for regular prayer and study. As we read and pray and wrestle with scripture, we gain the insight of other members of the community, and have light shed on our misunderstandings and misinterpretations. This is a necessary part of our transformation from isolated individuals to integrated members of the people of God, who share a common vision of where God is leading us.

On Wednesday evenings we gather for this purpose, using a variety of materials to help us hear that which God would say to us. Recently, we have used resources to ponder the origin and meaning of our faith at its simplest and most profound levels. During Lent and Advent we engage in study that enriches our experience of these seasons of the church year and helps prepare us for the celebration of Easter and Christmas.

Come join this small group as it probes the foundations and mysteries of our faith.