“…When I arrived at this facility, I was given a copy of your devotional by an inmate who was on her way home after serving a 10 year sentence. She told me to read it daily and to be encouraged that no matter what, the Lord would never forsake me.” Chalanda M., Coleman, Florida

A New Day in Christ Ministries, Inc. exists only to share the Christian faith by offering a free daily devotional written and published by members and friends of First Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Houston, Texas. Through God’s grace and wisdom, we have been blessed to witness the power of the Spirit working in people’s hearts, as requests for this daily devotional keep coming day after day. Hundreds of requests are received every week from all parts of the country.

The daily devotional was first printed in 2000, with a spiral binding and sturdy easel stand. But soon, requests began coming in from correctional institutions across Texas, so a second format was designed as a flat, paperback book, which is acceptable in most prisons across the country. Now, request for the flat book copy from those in prison exceed the spiral bound by almost two-to-one. In 2006, this ministry touched over 20,000 people across the United States with the message of “A New Day in Christ” daily devotional. And each of them has touched us.

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