Worship is at the heart of who we are as a faith community. At the center of everything we do and say is the gathering of people who come to encounter the presence of God. Worship is that which makes the community unique. It is our primary calling, the center around which our communal life revolves. Worship shakes us from our self-absorbed lives and rightly focuses our attention on God. In worship we seek to experience the reality of God's kingdom: a kingdom that has already come in Jesus Christ but is not yet complete. How do a people live in God's past/present/future? In worship we gather to do exactly that, not by seeking to understand the mystery, but by seeking the transforming presence of God.

Our liturgy is the ancient liturgy of the church, infused with the passion and energy of the living God. Far from the mechanical repetition of a dead ritual, we seek worship that blends old and new: traditional Eucharistic prayers and creeds of the church beside inclusive language images of God; lectionary based preaching, grounded in scripture, that speaks a prophetic word to our lives today; music that ranges from Bach to rock.

  • Sacraments
  • Lectionary
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